Commencement of the Biweekly BFS Club! (#tBBC issue 1)

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Dear all,

In response to the last prompt for #blogging101 of August 2015, I have come up with a feature for my blog that I will attempt with all my might to post every other Friday. 

Let me introduce you to #tBBC, or in full, the Biweekly BFS Club, or in even fuller term, the Biweekly Books-Films-Shows Club. (Yes, I did put quite some thought in coming up with that.) #tBBC will consist of informal review posts of all the memorable novels, films, tv shows or any other type of entertainment that has caught my attention in the span of two weeks. And if I haven’t been watching or reading anything inspired in that time gap, I will still attempt to dig up something I have been inspired by in the past (the rules are quite flexible really).

As the word ‘club’ suggests, the feature is not something you do alone, but a sharing of likes with interactions and discussions. Now I know full well that I am probably going to be the only one in the club for a long long long time yet (such a loner), but I’m hoping that one day there will be much much more members! Yay to positive thinking!

In any case, if anyone is interested, please use the tag #tBBC so I can read your recommendations. You’re welcome to use the banner too (because I did put time into that thing for it to go to waste..). And any day of the week really, no need to be on Friday!

Although this kind of feature is nothing new, I am nevertheless psyched, so let’s get going!


I probably haven’t mentioned before, but my go-to book genres are fantasy, science fiction, historical and romance. I am pretty much open to any other genre (mystery, contemporary, non-fiction, etc.) if they are good reads.

The recommendation for this week, I have already talked about once before in an earlier post, but I will say it again: the Chalion book series by Lois McMaster Bujold. (Click on the book covers to be transported to Goodreads.)

Genre: High fantasy

The Curse of Chalion (Book 1)
Paladin of Souls (Book 2)

There are altogether 3 books in this series, but since I have not read the last I am only able to recommend these two. Both novels are stand-alones set in the same universe and kingdom of ‘Chalion’, where the citizens go by a religion with five gods; Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and the Bastard. Although the blurbs don’t mention much about it, I feel that religion and the protagonists’ relationships with their gods play a great role, and it is very interesting how the conflicts are explored within.

The Curse of Chalion has a male protagonist who, in the beginning, has just escaped from slavery as a side effect of the recent lost war. Throughout the book, we see him grow so much; a withdrawn, broken character blossoming into the roles he is assigned to. The book also moves throughout Chalion, which makes for a thrilling adventure; from court politics to journey battles.

Paladin of Souls moves on to a female character previously introduced. Also focuses on character growth and healing, but a lot more attention on the spiritual and fantasy side. Both has a little romance.

Love, love, love these novels! I feel like I haven’t done them much justice with my descriptions, but I just love how the characters are so lovable, and we root for them the entire time, and feel so satisfied when they achieve success and beyond. Looking for some high fantasy? Look no further! Looking for something a little different? This author also writes fantastic scifi novels if you want to check it out!

TV Shows

Click to be transported to IMDB page

This is another one I’ve been talking about in my (old) ‘about’ section.

I confess, I haven’t read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books.

It’s classic literature I know! But that’s one of the reason why I haven’t started. Do you feel like sometimes you’re afraid to start something because of what you’ve heard about it? Perhaps afraid that you would be sorely disappointed when you dive in and realize that, huh, it’s not all that good?

Yea, so I’ll stick to the show until someone very forcefully tells me otherwise.

There are so many things right about this tv series though! On season 3 so far and it is still going strong. The plot weaving is incredible; sometimes I didn’t get what was going on during the show exactly, so I would check it out online and read up. Then, I would get carried away because of all the interesting facts and information about how certain things in the show are references or part of several books put together. Plus, it’s just plain fun watching Sherlock outsmart everyone, and also Sherlock and Doctor Watson’s funny interactions.

The downside, however, is that there are only three episodes per season (I know right?!), and season 4 doesn’t come out until next year at least (what is this?!). So binge watching may not have been such a good idea, because now I’m STARVED for more.

I have quite a few more on my list, but I think this should be enough for now. Don’t want to overwhelm anyone who is reading!

Tell me what you think of these suggestions, the new feature, whatever comes to mind. Any recommendations of similar novels or tv shows, please comment below. Or better yet, #tBBC! (Some promotion there haha.)

Thanks for reading <3.

Until next time xx

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