Frame of Mind. (blogging101 day #11)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Frame of Mind.”


I wrote this post yesterday when emotions were a bit high, so I decided to sleep on it first. Think through if it’s necessary to post this. Feeling much, much better, and have concluded that I don’t want a blog if I have to censor my feelings every time I write something. Here goes!


That’s probably the best description I can come up to show my frame of mind right now.

The prompt that I have chosen is this:

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

Well, I thought that this prompt would be easy as pie (urgh who invented this saying anyway?) to fulfill, especially since it is right up my alley with that glaring opportunity to paint frickin’ something.


I can’t.

Not right now, when I’m sad, frustrated, and depressed.

Can’t even be bothered to describe that imaginary painting.

So today, there was a bombing in Bangkok. So far, 15 deaths have been reported, and at least 70 injured. The area that was affected is central to tourism in Thailand, and also near to a shrine, although nothing architecturally significant was destroyed. It was reported that the time the bomb went off was at 18.55pm, and I was just nearby not so long ago (my mom called to check up on me after it went on the news because she knew I was out today).

Somehow it feels very close, you know. Like, I could have been there. One of my earlier thoughts was to go there. It could have been me! Then what? What would my parents think or feel? My family? People who cared about me? It wasn’t me though, it was the other 15 or so innocent people who have families as well; who probably was in the area today to shop or do business. Normal activities and chores. And for what purpose? Is there any purpose to destruction? It sucks to think about it.

So who are the perpetrators? It isn’t hard to think of a reason why some people would have such hate as to pull something like this off in the current situation Thailand is in, but really, I just want to know. Does a bombing really solve anything? Will it make this country better? No! Will it worsen our situation? Hell yes! Not just all the physical blows dealt, but the more intangible ones, like reputation. Then it will be the economy. Then we will feel it.

On and on it goes.

Click for source 🙂

I can feel that I’m on the verge of something, and that if I fall over I will start to rant and rage about all things wrong with this country and its politics, and sadly it wouldn’t be short. Anyway, I won’t be doing that, because isn’t there enough negativity going around? (Also because I don’t want to appear politically incorrect.)

May all the souls rest in peace, and some calm restored please.

Sorry if this post seems depressing and directionless. I’m going to end now. For a happier post that despite everything I am thrilled to share though, is this!! (I’d written this some time ago but only got the chance to post it today.)

Thanks for reading, and until next time xx


9 thoughts on “Frame of Mind. (blogging101 day #11)

  1. It does not seem depressing. It does have a sadness to it, but you have also written with a thoughtful depth. I like how you think about your country’s tomorrows, not just what happened, but what will happen if this continues. Sending hugs dear XXXX

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