Guest What I’ve been doing! (blogging101 day #9)

So guest what I’ve been up to.

Come on, just guest something!

If you haven’t already guested, then you’re probably thinking I have some serious spelling issues.

It’s okay, I’ll tell you.

Dun, dun, dunnn.


I just guest posted for the very first time on another blog (and would be super grateful if you guys check it out!) From all these paragraph breaks, you can probably tell I’m really psyched about this. First of all, it’s such an honour to be able to do so, so thank you Charlie O’Shields for giving me this opportunity!

Now, what does this have to do with day nine’s ‘Be inspired by your neighbors‘ prompt? Just before that I had stumbled across this blog that revolves around the concept of ‘doodlewash’, which is basically loose, colorful watercolor sketching (from my understanding that is).

doo·dle·wash \ˈ[dü-dəl-wawsh]

  1. Anything one creates that involves a bit of lovely watercolor: I grabbed my brush and made a new doodlewash.
  2. Plural: -es 

doo·dle·wash \ˈ[dü-dəl-wawsh]

  1. To apply watercolor to art for the purpose of creating immense satisfaction:After I finished that sketch, I just had to doodlewash it!

doo·dle·wash·er \ˈ[dü-dəl-waw-sher]

  1. Avid creator and artist who uses watercolor to make beautiful things
  2. One who can’t resist adding splashes of watercolor to sketches: I sometimes just use pen and ink, but I’m a doodlewasher at heart. 
  3. A super cool person: No way! I didn’t know she was a doodlewasher. That’s so awesome!

Definition taken from here.

It is not something I have never seen before, but it is something that I have not really tried to do or am comfortable with doing as I’m generally more of a plan-to-the-minute-details-first-before-committing kinda person, and I know that is not necessarily always a good quality. Because you don’t want to end up like this during a conversation:

Panic mode

I am very fascinated with how the blog also aims to unite people in a ‘doodlewash’ movement as well, and so I really wanted some part in it! Thus became my aim for the next post, and since Charlie is really open about having guest posts, I decided that that was how I’m going to fulfill this prompt. Took some time contacting, painting and sending, and finally posting of course; that’s why I’ve been a little late.

In confession, I did more than one doodlewash because I wanted options (yay preparedness), so I will post the others I did here:

Best laid plans - Ramida
No one I showed this to could tell that this girl was looking over her shoulders. Damn you shoulders! No go.

To end, I would like to recommend very, very much this lovely blog & blogger again, and I’d also like to say that literally anyone can do it! No need to be an artist or have to have a certain level of skills! It really is fun.

Thanks for reading. Until next time xx


30 thoughts on “Guest What I’ve been doing! (blogging101 day #9)

      1. yup! I have six blogs…. six lol I have too many interests 😛
        One of them is my artistic expressions blog too. They all are linked in at the top of my blog, so you should be able to access them all there.

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  1. Wow Ramaida 🙂

    What a beautiful post and so much fun to read and love the painting. You have a great talent.

    Congratulations for your guess post 😛

    Have a funny week ahead,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out Ramida! I was so excited to post your Guest Doodlewash… it’s lovely! Thanks for joining the movement. And SO is the alternate doodlewash!! How did you choose??? hehe You’re incredibly talented and it was an honor to feature your work on my blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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