Happy Mother’s Day!

“Today isn’t Mother’s Day!”

Fun fact #1: In Thailand, Father’s Day & Mother’s Day are celebrated on the birthdays of our King and Queen, and the 12th of August is the Queen’s.

Which, I only remembered the day before.

Me and my sister scoured the aisles of our local, admittedly quite outdated, shopping mall for supplies to make an emergency card (because we always make something for her), and it wasn’t a surprise that the variety of products were severely limited. However, we did manage to get some stuff that we liked, and I think that the end result is pretty satisfying.

This is all thanks to Stamping’ All Night’s idea and tutorial though, which I think is really, really great and helpful if anyone wants to know. I found her while searching for a mother’s day gift idea, and I’m very in love with her other ideas as well; they’re all, like, so cute and colorful! Although, one thing that I did not like at all was the inch measurements. I kept trying to convert them into cm, and then realizing that it’s just not convertible, ugh. And all the fractions really messed me up while measuring out the templates, even though I consider myself quite capable at maths.

So here it is:

This is really not all that hard. The only skills you need are measuring, cutting and a little of coloring. And hey, mine isn’t perfect (look at that Happy Mother’s Day lopsided circle..), but I’m 100% sure that my mom appreciates the effort put in nevertheless.

If you have stamps (which the original used), then this should be even more of a breeze, but sadly I don’t own any…

If you are interested though, I have to say that this thing is much, much smaller than I thought it would be. The whole thing isn’t higher than the length of my palms, so if you wanted something bigger, try scaling the size by maybe x1.5. Which brings me to the ‘written’ part of the card. The area was so small that I had to think of something sweet and concise, but looking back, the ‘ever & ever’ part somehow…turned out really creepy. Every time I reread it, I hear this nauseatingly sweet, high-pitched voice saying ‘ever’ over and over again. It’s really disturbing. (By the way, the blank space underneath ‘Love,’ actually contained several names, but I edited it out.)

Anyway, do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What do you usually do or give your parents? Thoughts, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time xx

PS. I couldn’t think of anymore fun facts as you can see.


12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Wow, the card is gorgious! I happen to hold a box with a supply of cards for everything, so no emergency shopping 🙂
    In Germany, we celebrate mother’s day the 2nd Sunday in May, and father’s day when the Christians celebrate Ascension. I never understood the link, but whatever. Mother’s day is all about breakfast for mommy and making gifts before she goes back to cleaning the kitchen after the family lunch, while on father’s day the men traditionally take a tour with their pals and drink heavily – regardless of whether they have children or not. I celebrate mother’s day giving flowers to myself and to my mother. My son feels he should not ‘fall for the blooming industry marketing’. What can you say about that?
    In earlier East Germany, there also existed ‘women’s day’, which is the International Women’s Day, but in the Western part of Germany hardly anyone celebrates it – it rather is a day for political events on gender issues. However, my stepfather, who is from the East, always gives me a call 8th of March. I like that.

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