Thirsty yet? (blogging101 day #6)

So…uhh today’s prompt. I’m not going to force myself to write a whole page about things that I know most people won’t find interesting all that much, but once I do have more relevant things to say about myself I will get on it. So for now, the short and sweet version is in my side bar (and also some on my introductory post).

Today will be a super short post as I only plan to update you guys what I have been obsessively painting.

all drinks - Ramida

Somehow I cannot capture the vibrancy and details of the colors I see on paper and translate them into images. The scanned ones in my opinion fare even worse, and if anyone has any idea how to tackle this problem please share. Is it my scanner? Or is this just the way it is?

Some background info: the paintings are studies of real drinks made by my relative who has a coffee shop with lots and lots of fabulously yummy drink menus. These 3 are only a fraction of the array of beautiful drinks she sells, and I’m thinking of making  studies of them all, because honestly they’re quite fun to paint.

Is anyone getting thirsty yet? I seriously am :/.

Before I leave you to enjoy this post without all the unnecessary ramblings, just out of interest: what is your favourite, most elaborate drink?

Okayy, any critiques, advices (oh oh how exactly do you paint soda bubbles? Does anyone know?), suggestions and thoughts are welcome.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time xx

PS. I answered some of the prompts, but don’t want to cluster this post. Please click if you’re interested!


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