Feeling Faintly Feathery : An experiment (blogging101 day #2)

Before I get started on this post, I just want to say that I’ve signed up for the Blogging101 challenge/assignment/you name it, and we are on day 2! Now, before I launched this blog (which wasn’t that long ago) I’d already planned my title and designed my banner/logo, and am already pretty satisfied with that aspect (ALTHOUGH thoughts are always welcome 😉 ). I have also written a short explanation for my reasoning, which can be found here.

For the tagline though, I came up with ‘Creativity after twilight’, which I know does not appear anywhere on the blog due to the fact that my title is basically my header image. Does anyone have any idea where else I can put it besides having to edit the whole image? Or should that be the case?


I really don’t think feathers look all that nice in real life, no matter how colorful. But in watercolor, or any other art medium, I suddenly appreciate much more. They look cute. Does anyone else think like this?

First things first, have to give credit to Fantasvale who, apart from painting significantly better feathers, makes really enjoyable watercolor tutorials. This one is where I got my inspiration for this post from.

In painting #1 & #2, I was trying out the techniques Fantasvale gave, and I swear the colors and blending look quite a bit softer than in these scans. After testing the waters, I tried as many different feather color combinations as I could think off, leaning more towards a vertical gradient of color rather than realism. I realize though that maybe I hadn’t paid enough attention to the forms of the feathers, and it turned out rather chunkier than I thought it should. My friend also commented that I should be portraying floating feathers instead to soften it up. Oh, and the colors…lets just say I have a lot more to talk about if I do go on. But we don’t want this post to turn into a boring art critique session do we?

In any case, I hope this little bit of color have somewhat brighten up your day. Again, feel free to give me suggestions, comments or critiques. And thanks for reading.

Until next time xx


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