Someday is today. An introductory post.

7 days quote

I first got this quote from somewhere within pinterest while trying to find some inspiration to help out my aunt (whose business deals with furniture & home decoration), and I quite like the end result.

Also very appropriate for this post haha.

Writing and uploading all these ‘firsts’ are difficult, so I’ll be brief. My name is Ramida and my nationality is Thai. I am a student, and despite having studied in Singapore for a couple of years, I still have yet to master a third language. Love entertainment in most forms (books, film/series, music, art), which I will probably mention in later posts. Essentially an average person.

Currently living in Thailand, but will be continuing studies elsewhere soon ;).


To share and record my art. What kind of art? What is the niche here you ask? Sorry I don’t know yet, but I am hoping to artistically grow and evolve as I go along. Although, I am currently very obsessed with watercolor. Other than that, there may be posts where perhaps I want to share certain things I learned from others and found interesting/useful/cool. Or talk about other subjects I am interested in.


Basically a combination of candle + fluorescent/phosphorescent. No, I wasn’t trying to combine candle with scent (please). Candles make me think of night time, and I always paint at night, while fluorescent just represents (bright) colors. Sums up habit & love.


What do you think of the logo? The page layout?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time xx




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